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We would love for you to come to services anytime! We understand it can be a little stressful or uncomfortable visiting a new church for the first time. In case you are new to Comanche Trail, here are some answers to common questions about the church.

How long is the service?

Usually the service runs somewhere between 60 and 75 minutes.

How do people normally dress?

This church family does not expect anyone to dress a certain way. There are some who dress up and there are others who wear jeans.

What about kids?

Kids of all ages are welcome. Our children’s wing is near the west entrance and you’ll see a check-in station just inside the entrance for the 9:15 Sunday morning Bible class. Our check-in volunteers will be happy to help you!

Our quiet room / nursing area is located near the east entrance to the building, across from the Family Room.

That said, children of all ages are welcome in every part of the service. Don’t worry if they make noise–they’re kids! And we are delighted to hear the sounds of babies and children among us.

What’s the service like?

The main components of our worship time is singing, praying, partaking of the Lord’s Supper, and hearing a message from God’s word. Below is a description of each of those parts:

We sing to express our praise and gratitude to God. We believe that God is praiseworthy and we are learning that our lives are best ordered when they are ordered around Him. Singing helps us reorder our thinking around His unchangeable goodness, beauty, might, and grace. Our singing is a cappella — a tradition that emphasizes the voice of every member of the congregation. If this is new to you, don’t worry about how you sound. There is a simple beauty to singing this way, but it isn’t about how it sounds — it’s about the heart.

God hears prayers. We don’t always know what is best or even what to ask for, but as children with our Father, we know that there is no concern of ours too small to concern Him. Various members will lead public prayers, often expressing things that many of us in the room are concerned about. Even though only one person is speaking, it is a time for every heart to turn toward God with whatever is on the heart.

We partake of communion (also called the Lord’s Supper) every Sunday. This is really the centerpiece of our time together. Usually it is introduced with a few reflective comments or Scripture readings, and then prayers are led before we pass trays throughout the congregation. The small piece of unleavened bread (prepared by one of our members) represents Christ’s body given to die on the cross. The small cup of grape juice (fruit of the vine) represents Christ’s blood shed as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. This is a quiet and reflective time with much meaning. But if your children make some noise, it’s okay!

The sermon time is generally 25-30 minutes. This is a time for learning about God’s word and taking seriously how it is meant to shape our everyday lives at every level. An invitation is given at the end for anyone who may have a special need to share, or a sin that they are struggling with and need the support of their family, or for anyone who has decided to become a Christian and be baptized into Christ.

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