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Women’s Ministry

L.I.F.T – Ladies in Fellowship Together

This ministry was created to provide a place for women of all ages to come together for an evening of food, fellowship, and entertainment. It’s a time when we embrace our community, we find a place where connections blossom. Here, we take a moment, a time to breathe, to inhale God’s fragrant offerings. We gather, hearts lightened, ready to laugh and unwind. Amidst the chatter and shared stories, we relax, casting aside the weight of the day.  As the world’s troubles fade, we stand shoulder to shoulder, willing to carry each other’s burdens, knowing that together, we are stronger. And when words fail, we lift our voices in unity, to pray for each other. We are also involved in planning and promoting an annual ladies’ retreat.

Ladies Bible Class – Seasonal

Every Tuesday morning at 10:00 AM, our ladies come together to explore a variety of topics—from faith and family to personal growth. Our dedicated teachers lead us in studying God’s Word, unraveling its timeless wisdom. We pray for one another, lifting our hearts in unity. It’s a sacred space where connections deepen, burdens are shared, and souls find nourishment. Join us as we journey through the Scriptures, seeking truth and grace.


Women’s Ministry Teams

Listed below are the current ministry teams.

We encourage you to connect and be actively involved with these wonderful ministries.



This ministry works in conjunction with the Missions Ministry, providing support in a variety of ways. They also take on special projects throughout the year to meet the special needs of each mission point, such as: collecting and shipping shoes to the Philippine mission point, sending the Christian Woman Magazine to missionary wives, and supplying a preaching school with necessary supplies and Bibles.


This is one of our ladies’ ministries that serves our shut-in members and others who need special encouragement. These ladies coordinate a congregation-wide effort every November/December to provide a special gift package for each of our shut-ins. In addition, they reach out monthly to each one with a call, note, or visit.


Ensuring the gowns and towels are laundered, folded, and ready when needed.


Helping new members feel at home and find their place in the church family.


Keeping the dream closet full of décor that may be used for weddings, showers, and other celebratory events.


Creating attractive displays on the hallway bulletin boards to promote church life.


Keeping the church stocked with a wide variety of supplies that may be needed for teaching.


Keeping an organized selection of visual/teaching aids available for our children’s classes.


Sending encouraging notes to our out-of-town college students.

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